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Mowing is one of the most common tasks done in a lawn and landscape. It is extremely important to make sure that proper procedures are taken so that your lawn benefits from the mowing. Anytime the grass blade is cut you are creating added stress to the grass plant. With proper mowing practices you will dramatically decrease the stress to your plant. Added stress can increase noticeable damage from disease and insects in the lawn. Added stress will make it more difficult for the grass plant to compete with weeds in the turf areas. Let us take the hardwork out of it and set up a successful mowing plan.


Lawn aeration is a low cost way to help your lawn thrive. Core aeration helps your lawn breath by preventing dry spots and the yellowing of your lawn. The benefits are:

•Aerating will allow water, air and fertilizer to penetrate all the way down to the root zone.
•Allows the roots to grow deeper, creating a healthier and thicker lawn.
•It will also greatly reduce the chances of having thatch buildup.
•It will reduce soil compaction.
•It will create an optimal environment if over seeding for direct seed to soil contact.


The turfgrass industry is always working to create varieties of grass that have a better color, texture, density, and overall quality. Some of these varieties have been bred to have better heat and drought tolerance. Some are also bred to be more disease and/or insect resistant. It is an excellent idea to work at integrating these newer varieties into the older grass that is already established in your lawn. Lawns should be overseeded once a year or at least every third year. This will help to establish the newer grasses.

Fertilizing and Weed control

Our turf fertilization and weed control program is designed to keep your lawn green and weed free, year round. The program consists of 7 applications per year. Each application is designed to provide the best nutrients and weed control that your lawn needs, no matter what the season. A well-balanced nutrient plan will keep your grass healthy throughout the year. We could write hundreds of pages of information on the nutrients given to the lawn but we have chosen a few key ideas we feel are the most important.

Thatch Removal

There are instances where a thatch layer thicker than ½ inch will restrict the water, air, and nutrients that are getting to the roots of the plant. This creates a great deal of stress to the plant. This added stress allows noticeable damage from insects, disease, and dry conditions. It is important that water, air, and nutrients can successfully make it to the root system of the plant. Thatch is a mat of stems, runners, rhizomes, and stolons. Thatch is NOT grass clipping. Excess grass clipping can cause problems but can be solved by simply raking the lawn. Thatch generally needs to be cut with a vertical cutting blade. These machines are known as dethatchers or power rakes. Once the thatch layer is cut the machine will bring some of the excess material to the surface. It is important that this material be raked or vacuumed off of the lawn.

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